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Thanks again for everything you did for us for M's birth. I've just finished writing down his birth story, and you were a large part of why it was such a success for me.I still can hardly believe that I was able to achieve the VBAC I always wanted. It was wonderful to have such support and positivity for the experience. I'll never forget it!" 

    The term, "Mamatoto" (pronounced mama-two-two) is a Swahili term that loosely translates as, "mother-baby." It implies that mother and baby are an inter-related dyad and what affects mother will affect baby. What is good for mothers during birth is also good for baby!
   Pregnancy and Birth are very exciting and vulnerable seasons for both mother and baby, and it is my desire to see both have a very bonding and empowering experience. It is a huge accomplishment to birth your baby, and it is one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. 
   Mamatoto Doula Services will assist you in making your pregnancy and birth the safest and most satisfying experience it can be. My goal is to facilitate this experience that will bond your family together for eternity!
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